MY Confidently Conquer Your Clutter FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE IS:

A safe place to talk about the organizing process, being real, being strong, being vulnerable, being weak but ALSO finding our super powers and confidence in the journey to organization.

This is a space for women who have a child-like curiosity and are naturally optimistic, glass half-full gals - and are slightly snarky. It's a rare combination. (see below)


I am a speaker, Evernote Certified Consultant and a Certified Professional Organizer who works with anyone that is ready to sort through the past, de-clutter and begin living their best life.  As such, I will be posting loads of inspiration, joy filled posts  and oh yeah, lots of snark - along with information for whatever fun events, teleclasses or webinars I have cooked up.

I have a very odd (see sarcastic) sense of humor. If you get it, you are part of my tribe.

I love creepy things - poetry, photos, whatever. I said creepy - not scary or terrifying.

I am a BIG fan of the Gilmore Girls (It's a show, it's a lifestyle..........) AND I attended the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival and met and got my picture taken with Jackson. It was a VERY big deal.


I've learned through the years that being confident is the key to many of life's obstacles.  Is it easy to come by?  For me, it hasn't been.  Is it a game changer?  Absolutely.  

So I'm going to be sharing my confidence story with you AND sharing some confidence boosting tips.  Here you can post your questions, talk through ideas, post your joys and fears and your own confidence boosters.

FUN STUFF:  From time to time, I will be promoting fun giveaways and contests........because who doesn't want to have more FUN!  Oh - and the giveaways are access to my programs so - FUN and USEFUL!​  And occasionally I will throw in a contest for a Starbuck's card because I love coffee and I want to share my addiction with you!


  • Ask for advice

  • Post your thoughts, jokes, confidence boosters, organizing solutions

  • Offer support and encouragement

  • Spread joy around like cotton candy

THE RULES (they are pretty simple):

  • No promoting of YOUR business or product - I promote mine because - well, it's my page. It's good to be queen.

  • No posts about religion - I mean - God rocks - but this isn't the place.

  • No political posts - because ugh.

  • No "Like" my page (unless it's mine - kidding)​

  • No shaming or making someone feel bad. Positivity and support only.

*If you violate any of these rules, you may be removed from the group.*