The Ultimate Evernote Package

Get all 3 live webinars (which will be recorded)

You get all 3 classes:
~Class #1:   What is Evernote & Why is it Helpful? - March 13th from 4-5 p.m. C.S.T.
~Class #2:   Organize Your Life with Evernote -March 20th from 4-5 p.m. C.S.T.
~Class #3:   Going Paperless with Evernote - March 27th from 4-5 p.m. C.S.T.

BONUS: When you purchase the ULTIMATE EVERNOTE Package, you get a 30 minute private telephone/computer strategy session after the program ends to answer any questions.

Class #1:  What is Evernote & Why is It Helpful?

What we'll cover in this 45 minute program:
✔️A tour and explanation of Evernote
✔️I will walk you through the basics of Evernote - creating Notebooks and Notes
✔️I will share how I use Evernote in my life.

✔️I will show you how Evernote can help you in a natural disaster.
✔️I will show you how to upload digital magazine articles into Evernote
✔️I will show you how to upload articles from the web using Web Clipper
✔️I will share how I use Evernote for my business
✔️I will demonstrate Penultimate (how to take notes digitally)

Class #2:   Organize Your Life with Evernote

What we'll cover in this 60 minute program:
✔️I will show you how to create lists - shopping, packing, frequently used, etc.
✔️I will show you how to stay healthy with Evernote
✔️We will discuss what you should add into your Notebooks - diet info., exercises, tests
✔️I will show you how to use Web Clipper to save items from the web
✔️I will show you how to mark up photos and documents using Skitch
✔️I will show you how to collaborate with your team/client
✔️I will show you how travel is made easy with Evernote
✔️I will show you how to capture photos & audio of actual items

​✔️I will show you how to embed a video into Evernote


We begin on Tuesday, March 13th

​This pilot program is for you if you:

✔️Are someone that is concerned about disaster preparedness.

✔️Are someone with LOTS of things and want to use Evernote to capture things.  Yes, things.
✔️Really want to use Evernote to capture their memories.
✔️Want to have an option for photo, video and audio storage.
✔️Are ready to digitally enjoy magazines - but don't know how to capture interesting articles.
✔️Want to write notes but not use paper.
✔️Know that you want your life to run smoothly.
✔️Aren't sure what Evernote is.
✔️Want to work more efficiently.
✔️Are looking for an easy way to share information.
Are willing to invest $97 to change your personal life and business FOR GOOD - Is that you?

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I'm going to include:

​✔️How to capture and organize photos, video & audio of items that you want to keep (the memory of, but not the actual item).
How to use Evernote to capture your memories so that you can share them with your friends and family.
How to capture and store your photos, video and audio on Evernote.
How to enjoy magazines digitally AND how to capture those really cool articles.
How to take handwritten notes digitally.

What attendees are saying about the program:

"I have had Evernote since before 2013. I thought it was a neat app but didn't really know how to use it. So glad Wendy come along with this class. I have learned so much from it that I can't wait to get organized."


"Enjoying using evernote, endless possibilities."


"Wendy is an enthusiastic Evernote evangelist!  She makes this app program seem like absolutely what you must have to manage our digital days.  And her fun and personal examples are a great reinforcement of how to use the tools.

Answers to commonly asked FAQ's:

Q:   How long will the program be?

A:   The ULTIMATE EVERNOTE PACKAGE (all 3 programs) is a total of 165 minutes.

The individual programs are between 45-60 minutes each.

Q:   What format will the program be?

A:   Webinar format, meaning that it will all take place on your computer, tablet or smartphone.  You will get to see my presentation and I will also be demonstrating how to use Evernote.

Q:   I like checklists.  Is there a way to do them?

A:   Heck yes!  And I love checklists, too.  I'll show you how to create checklists and how to use them effectively.

Q:   What's the best way to use Penultimate?

A:   Penultimate is the way to go for those of you who need to be able to "write" your ideas or doodles or whatever.  I'm going to show you what Penultimate is and how to use it.  

Q:  I can't be live on the computer.  Bummer

A:  NOT a bummer.  All of the programs will be recorded and a link provided after each program.  You can re-watch any time you want!

Have you been searching for easy to use tech that keeps all of your information easy to find, accessible anywhere that gives you freedom and control over your information?

Seriously, your to-do list, home, schedules, memories, entertainment and just random information that would otherwise be lost in a pile in your kitchen......all in one place!

You are going to have it all together after this series of classes.  Your friends will be like - "How is she SO together?"

Everything About Evernote

Class #3:   Going Paperless with Evernote

What we'll cover in this 60 minute program:
✔️How to send an email to Evernote
-Electronic bills
-Information in an email that you want to reference
✔️Digital Magazines - Texture
✔️How to send articles to Evernote via Webclipper

✔️How to share a Note & a Notebook

✔️How to create a Workflow
✔️How to use Penultimate
-In meetings

✔️How to save business cards
✔️How to use your smart phone to send paper to Evernote

​✔️How to backup Evernote to Dropbox