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Confidence is the Difference - Empowerment to Live Your Life FULL OUT

Many of us women, have a problem with confidence and feeling we are not enough.  That lends itself to many problems like feeling unproductive, negative self talk and a murky future.

From my experience, as a woman searching the majority of her life for confidence, as well as being a Certified Professional Organizer®, I show audiences how they can be confident in their lives and also confident in dealing with their clutter by connecting them with their past moments of confidence and showing them how to grow their confidence to feel that they are not only enough - but they are everything.

Confidently Conquer Your Clutter

This is a fun, interactive presentation that focuses on three areas - Home/Life Organization, Paper Management & Maintenance.  Your group will:

  • Discover their goals and values.
  • Learn how to create systems and routines based on their goals and values.
  • Discover how to eliminate the unimportant and organize what is important.
  • Learn how to sort, de-clutter and organize a room or space like a pro.
  • Learn how to sort, de-clutter and organize paper.
  • Learn how to confidently conquer clutter and maintain the organization.
  • Learn how to use organizing  products effectively.

Organizing Your Student

Is your student feeling overwhelmed?  Your group will:

  • Learn how to communicate with their student.
  • Learn what tools they need to help their student get back in control and be successful.

How to Get Organized to Leave Your Legacy

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?  How will you do it?  What do you want your family/friends to remember about you?  In this presentation, your group will:

  • Learn how to create their legacy.
  • Learn how to pass along their memories.
  • Learn how to downsize their stuff.

Organizing with Evernote - It’s Not Just for Paper

Learn how you can use Evernote to store your memories - photos, 3D items and family history.   In this presentation, your group will:

  • Learn how to use Evernote + a scanner to live with less paper.
  • Learn how to use Evernote to store their memories.
  • Learn how to use Evernote to store their photos.

*Requirements - Wifi, a smart phone, tablet or laptop with the Evernote app.

"I want to personally thank you for your outstanding presentations.  You have sparked interest among all that attended and leaving them to want to learn more from the expert, you.  

I heard nothing but praises and thank you from everyone; you out-did yourself."  

-Laura Moyer - Recreation and Education Programmer 
La Porte County Parks

"Having worked with Wendy for the past several years here at the Thomas Library, I must give her kudos........ Our patrons enjoy Wendy's presentations and come away with wonderful tips on how to declutter and organize their lives."  

-Karyn Witt, Circulation Manager

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